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Various Applications and Uses for Rubberizeit!™ Liquid Rubber Coating:

Rubberizeit!™ Universal Liquid Rubber Sealant and Rubberizeit!™ Dura-Rubber Liquid Rubber Coating can be used for:

Rubber for Roof Restoration - Rubberizeit!™ Universal Liquid Rubber is one of the easiest products to use for traditional and flat roof repairs. Because it is water-based and non-toxic – it is safe and simple to apply.

For small jobs: Rubberizeit!™ Universal Liquid Rubber Sealant and Rubberizeit™ Dura-Rubber Liquid Rubber Coating can be painted/rolled on. For any seam areas or holes, the re-enforcement cloth is applied on top of a coat of Rubberizeit!™ Universal Liquid Rubber Sealant or Rubberizeit™ Dura-Rubber Liquid Rubber Coating and then a secondary coat is painted on the cloth (similar to the process of fiber-glassing).

For large jobs: We have sprayers available to spray the coating onto the roof surface after all existing seams have been strengthened with the re-enforcement cloth.

The recommended thickness for all roofing application is 60 mils.

Cement Pond Rubber Liner ... READ MORE

Building a new Koi Pond or repairing an old one? Rubberizeit!™ Universal Liquid Rubber Sealant is perfect for Cement Ponds because it is non-toxic, has zero VOC’s and is UV Stable (suitable for direct sunlight). In addition, you can use the reinforcement cloth along with the liquid rubber to patch cracks in the concrete or other mediums. Rubberizeit!™ Universal Liquid Rubber Sealant liner have elastic characteristics that allow it to stretch up to 800% and then return to it’s original shape. Simple and safe to use, it is perfect for the DIY Ponder!

Swamp Cooler (evaporative) Pan Repair ... READ MORE ...

No longer do you have to go through the expense of completely replacing your Swamp Cooler Pan due to holes created by excessive rust. Rubberizeit!™ Universal Liquid Rubber Sealant is naturally a rust prevention and stoppage solution and because it is a natural waterproofing liner it is perfect for fixing leaky evaporative cooler pans.

Simply clean out the pan to ensure it is free of debris and solvents, paint a primer coat of Rubberizeit!™ Universal Liquid Rubber Sealant to the evaporative cooler pan; locate the holes and apply the cloth strength member and paint a secondary coat of Rubberizeit!™ Universal Liquid Rubber Sealant. Allow to dry for 24-48 and apply one final liner coat.

Your Swamp Cooler Pan is now sealed and good to go!

A New Tool for Container Gardening... READ MORE.

Would you like to beautify your balcony? Universal Rubber makes this possible. In the past, if you built wood planter boxes the dirt and moisture associated with planting flowers, herbs and/or vegetables caused the wood to rapidly deteriorate.

With Universal Rubber sealant, you can build your planter containers out of any type of wood and paint the inside of the planter box with a primer coat of Rubberizeit!™ Universal waterproofing. Once the first coat has been applied – apply the cloth strength member to the seams of the container and paint another coat of Universal rubber. Allow to dry and paint one last sealer coat to the wood.

Allow the container to completely vulcanize for 7 days and now you are ready to fill with potting soil and plant your flowers, herbs and/or vegetables!

Because Universal rubber is VOC free and completely non-toxic you don’t have to worry about deadly toxins destroying your precious plants!

Rubberizeit!™ is also good for terracotta pots... READ MORE

By preventing the moisture from getting to the terracotta, you limit the damage that may occur due to freezing. In a nutshell, this turns your terracotta pots into a container that will give you the functionality and durability of a plastic container – with the beauty of terracotta.

Originally Developed to Stop & Prevent Corrosion ... READ MORE

Rusty metal roof? Rusty water tanks? Do you live near the ocean where the salt water air is corrosive?

Universal Rubber stops and prevents rust and corrosion, Period. Because Rubberizeit!™ Universal is UV Stable, you don’t have to worry about the sun damaging your hard work.

Simply wire brush off the rusty area, clean and allow to dry completely. Follow the application instructions and coat the affected area with Universal rubber. Apply the cloth strength member to areas that have holes and paint or roll on another coat to permanently seal.

Rubberizeit!™ Universal Rubber waterproofing needs to be applied at 60 mils in order to have the greatest success. Please see the coverage table in the specifications page to determine how much liquid rubber you will need for your application.

Rain Water Harvesting ... READ MORE

Rainwater that is collected from roofs using a zero VOC rubberized membrane and properly stored represents a truly sustainable source of water ideal for farms and homes – for both inside & outside uses. Some studies show that by using rainwater for toilet flushing, laundry and garden use alone, it can reduce public water requirements of a typical household by 70%. If hot water systems were also supplied with rain water, this reduction can be as high as 85%!